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Verein Neujahrsmarathon Zürich


Sunday, 31 December 2023 – Monday, 1 January 2024

Start times

Kids run, 750 m: 31 December, 22h00
Marathon, half marathon, quarter marathon and team run: 1 January, 00h00

Option to change to shorter race

Thanks to the joint start, it is explicitly allowed to switch to a shorter distance during the race and be classified on the new distance.

Start and finish

For all races inside the sports hall «Unterrohr» in Schlieren.

Time limit

05h00. Runners must start their last lap before 03h45.


Laps of 10.55 km. Meters uphill: 19 m per lap. All tracks are officially measured by World Athletics. 90% natural surface, 10% asphalt.


The course is not illuminated. Headlamps are recommended.

Course markers

The course is marked by signposts, barrier tape and flags.

Kilometer signs

On the 10.55 km lap, each kilometer is indicated with a kilometer sign.


In case you encounter problems, please report to the mobile checkpoints (mountain bikers) or fixed checkpoints on the track.

Time keeping

Official time keeping and data processing by Raceresult.

In addition to the finish times, several intermittent times will be taken. In particular, intermediate times at kilometer 10 will be taken which will qualify for official best performances of the year. The same holds true for all marathon and half marathon performances.
In the ranking list net times will be shown.

Changing rooms

Changing rooms with showers are located in the sports hall.


Valuables (keys, mobile phones, wallets; but no bags, laptops, etc.) can be left for safekeeping at the information desk.

Race bibs

Race numbers can be picked up either on 30 December from 16h00 until 18h00 or on 31 December from 19h00 until 23h00 in the sports hall Unterrohr in Schlieren.




Cat. 12: Mar-M20, born 1995 – 2008
Cat. 13: Mar-M30, born 1985 – 1994
Cat. 14: Mar-M40, born 1975 – 1984
Cat. 15: Mar-M50, born 1965 – 1974
Cat. 16: Mar-M60, born 1964 + earlier

Half Marathon

Cat. 32: HM-M20, born 1995 – 2010
Cat. 33: HM-M30, born 1985 – 1994
Cat. 34: HM-M40, born 1975 – 1984
Cat. 35: HM-M50, born 1965 – 1974
Cat. 36: HM-M60, born 1965 + earlier

Quarter Marathon

Cat. 51: QM-M19, born 2005 – 2014
Cat. 52: QM-M20, born 1995 – 2004
Cat. 53: QM-M30, born 1985 – 1994
Cat. 54: QM-M40, born 1975 – 1984
Cat. 55: QM-M50, born 1965 – 1974
Cat. 56: QM-M60, born 1965 + earlier

Kids Run (750 m)

Cat. 71: M3-6, born 2017 – 2020
Cat. 72: M7-10, born 2013 – 2016
Cat. 73: M11-14, born 2009 – 2012



Cat. 22: Mar-F20, born 1995 – 2008
Cat. 23: Mar-F30, born 1985 – 1994
Cat. 24: Mar-F40, born 1975 – 1984
Cat. 25: Mar-F50, born 1965 – 1974
Cat. 26: Mar-F60, born 1964 + earlier

Half Marathon

Cat. 42: HM-F20, born 1995 – 2010
Cat. 43: HM-F30, born 1985 – 1994
Cat. 44: HM-F40, born 1975 – 1984
Cat. 45: HM-F50, born 1965 – 1974
Cat. 46: HM-F60, born 1964 + earlier

Quarter Marathon

Cat. 61: QM-F19, born 2005 – 2014
Cat. 62: QM-F20, born 1995 – 2004
Cat. 63: QM-F30, born 1985 – 1994
Cat. 64: QM-F40, born 1975 – 1984
Cat. 65: QM-F50, born 1965 – 1974
Cat. 66: QM-F60, born 1964 + earlier

Kids Run (750 m)

Cat. 81: F3-6, born 2017 – 2020
Cat. 82: F7-10, born 2013 – 2016
Cat. 83: F11-14, born 2009 – 2012


Team Run (42.195 km)

Cat. 91: teams of 2 to 4 runners (the marathon distance is divided among the runners and run one after the other)
open to runners born in 2014 + earlier


Food, beverages

The Sponser products of our food partner PowerLab will be offered every 5 kilometers. Warm carbohydrate drinks, energy bars, bananas, gel and water will be available. Additionally, Coca Cola is available every 10 kilometers.
For supporters, handing over personal beverages/food is only allowed at the official stands.


A restaurant will be installed in the sports hall, where meals and beverages will be available starting from 19h00.

Medical team

The medical team will be positioned in the sports hall Unterrohr.

Awards ceremony

For the kids run the fastest three per category will be honored at 22h15.
For the midnight races, the fastest three runners overall and the winners per category will be honored at award ceremonies which will be held at 01h45 (quarter marathon and half marathon) and 04h30 (marathon and team run) in the sports hall. The prizes will not be mailed to the winners.

Marathon jackpot

Increase by CHF 250.- per year

Men: CHF 1500.- (course record 2:26:52, Nikki Johnstone 2019)
Women: CHF 500.- (course record 2:56:50, Joanna Ryter 2024)

Souvenir T-shirt

The (optional) order of the souvenir T-shirt is done together with the registration for the race.

Finisher medal

The (optional) order of the finisher medal is done together with the registration for the race. The participants of the kids run get a medal free of charge when finishing the race.

Sparkling wine

On the occasion of the festive character of the event, a sparkling wine (with Neujahrsmarathon bottle label) can be ordered when registering for the race.


Participants can order their personal pictures on Participants will not be remunerated for pictures used by the organizers.

Ranking list

The ranking list as well as the world leading times of the year will be published on the internet.


We offer our runners official certificates of their Neujahrsmarathon ranking as well as their ranking in the World Athletics list of world leading performances as of 1 January.



There are no licences necessary. Performances of runners without a licence qualify for World Athletics and national best performances of the year as well.


Participants are responsible for providing their own insurance, including accident insurance.


Athletes participate at their own responsibility. The organizers deny all responsibility for accidents and claims of all kind (including theft).

Medical advice

The organizers advise all participants to prepare seriously for this competition. By registering for the race, the athletes confirm to be healthy and adequately trained for participating in the race. The organizers deny all responsibility for claims resulting from insufficient fitness or excessive physical demand. If an athlete cannot start (also with medical attestation), the entry fee will not be reimbursed by the organizers. However, there is the option to take out cancellation insurance when registering for the race.


Competitors may be tested for drugs.


For the races starting at midnight or later, private escort of participants on bicycles and other external support is not allowed. Following the rules of World Athletics, support by lapped runners or by participants of the relay race is not allowed. For the kids run, escort by adults is explicitly allowed.
Any deviation from the set course will result in disqualification.
Littering will result in disqualification.


The Neujahrsmarathon Zürich takes place under the patronages and the rules of World Athletics and the Swiss Athletics Association.

Contact information

Verein Neujahrsmarathon, 8000 Zürich
Contact form


The Neujahrsmarathon would not exist without the help of our esteemed volunteers! Do not hesitate and become part of the event by registering as a volunteer and selecting your preferred function.

Promotion 1+1

Runners bringing along a volunteer start for free! Please register until 17 December and provide the runner information in the comment field. 1+1 promotion is only valid as long as there is a need volunteers.

Volunteer event

All volunteers will be invited to our volunteer event in winter/spring 2024.